Safe Seen is a collaboration which manufactures and distributes protective face shields. It is a form of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and has initially been manufactured to assist in fighting COVID-19. However, it can be used as a continued form of PPE to be used by our nation’s key workers on the frontline. At Safe Seen, we aim to unify both the community and the frontline by enabling the nation to personalise PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and provide messages of support to our country’s key workers, whilst fundraising for Charity.

The Print PPE Initiative is an industry collaboration founded by Robert Farfort, CEO of Data Image Group Ltd to utilise the technology within the printing industry to manufacture and distribute not-for-profit PPE to the nation. The Print PPE Initiative is backed and supported by the following companies: Data Image Group, Esko, Halo Agency, HP, PrintFactory, Pyramid, and Vpress.